Superlight Photonics

Revolutionary Integrated Supercontinuum Lasers

Patented Foundational Technology

Current supercontinuum lasers require lots of laser power.

We can drastically reduce this power requirement.

Our technology maintains spectral generation by the alternation of waveguide dispersion. Pulses do not loose peak power -essential for bandwidth generation- nor collapse into non bandwidth generating profiles.

This provides an exponential reduction of Input pulse power requirements from standard integrated device setups.

Our dispersion engineering leads to:

Widest bandwidths in the world at lowest pulse energies

Nonlinear pulse compression by factors of up to 10

Applications and Performance

Our tech has the potential to scale down all devices that utilize wide-bandwidth NIR light to the portable and robust integrated silicon nitride setting.

Such as Spectroscopy, fiber communications, medical devices like Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Lidar for smart cars. Can be a low-noise quantum source.

At pulse energies starting below 10 picojoules

Media Mentions

Contact us if interested!

We offer an intelligent software design kit for our devices, and are glad to consult with you on your needs and applications.

We are currently developing our business and are interested in technology transfers such as licensing

Device Results

Superlight Photonics 

Superlight Photonics 

Superlight Photonics 

Superlight Photonics 

Superlight Photonics